Main Line Stoppage Repair in Redondo Beach and the South Bay

Main Line Stoppage

All the drains in your home, business or industrial property are connected to a sewer main. This single sewer main is responsible for funneling wastewater from your property to the sewer system. If you're experiencing main line stoppage, it can bring your activities to a halt. Mattucci Plumbing offers prompt plumbing solutions for main line stoppage in Redondo Beach and the South Bay, including professional drain cleaning and trenchless sewer line replacement.

Top Three Signs of Main Line Stoppage

Recognizing the signs of a sewer line clog is important. Differentiating a main line clog from minor plumbing clogs will ensure you seek the right plumbing solution for this issue.

  • 1. Multiple fixtures are backed up: A sewer line clog will affect more than one fixture at once—particularly your toilets. It is rare for sewer line clogs to leave toilets unaffected. If you notice that multiple fixtures are draining slowly or backing up at once, contact your plumber about sewer line cleaning.
  • 2. Fixtures that gurgle and bubble: Sewer line clogs often cause air to become trapped in your plumbing system. The result of this trapped air is gurgling or bubbling in toilets or showers, most noticeably when you run the water in a nearby sink.
  • 3. A noticeable sewage smell: When wastewater isn't draining through your main line properly, it can cause sewer gases and odors to back up into your property. Sewer line clogs are often accompanied by an unmistakable smell.

Solutions for Main Line Stoppage

The best plumbing solution for a main line stoppage will depend on the cause of the clog. Your plumber will assess the condition of your plumbing to determine the right repair option.

  • Clogs caused by material caught in your sewer drain can be cleared with a drain snake. A snake is a length of cable that is hand- or machine-cranked through your sewer line until it encounters the clog. The snake is used to break up and pull or push the clog through the pipe to clear it.
  • Clogs caused by tree roots must be dealt with in two steps. First, the roots causing the clog must be eliminated, either by using chemical root killer or by physical removal. Second, you'll need sewer line repair to address the cracks or other damage caused by the roots when they entered your pipe. Trenchless sewer line replacement allows for the repair of sewer pipe damage without requiring the excavation of your property to access the pipe.

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